Dr. Beato is hopefully extending my lifespan

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| November, 3 2021 | for Greg Beato, DO, CAQ, FACOI
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My Father died 10 days after a massive heart attack @ 77YO. Six months earlier he had a cardiac catheterization study, and his cardiologist told him "Looks like you've beaten your family history for cardiovascular disease." Wrong. Three years later, Mother died of a stroke @ 77YO. Type II diabetes (neither of my parents afflicted, but all my Mother's aunts and uncles - who all died of vascular disease - did) and vascular disease (heart attacks and strokes) plagued both sides of my family. I retired early and told Dr. Beato that I wanted to be that 70YO guy at triathlons that people pointed to and said, "Gee, look at that old guy go". At 63, my basic blood work, muscle mass/fat ratios were as good or better than for a very fit 40 year old. Because of my horrid familial history, Greg did all the genetic testing and found that I was not a huge risk for cardiovascular disease, but he wanted to go further, just in case. Carotid arterial U/S showed that I had the vascular wall inflammation of an 80+YO! So, despite having close to perfect "numbers", at Dr. Beato's recommendation, I started a statin drug to try and prevent a vascular accident like my parents. I also started curbing my "sweet tooth" in an attempt to lessen my chances of vascular disease. Repeat of the carotid U/S one year later showed major improvement of my vascular wall inflammation (at that time, I had dropped down to the vessel walls of a 69YO). I am hoping next year to be down to (or below) may biological age of 66. I am now in my 50th season of racing canoes, and I took up triathlons at 63. I look forward to continuing this course for many years to come. Maybe I will beat my family genetic history and live past my mid-70s. And if lucky, maybe I will still be racing canoes (and winning) like my almost 89YO partner seen in the attached photo from 3 weeks ago. Thank you, Dr. Beato; I look forward to working with you for many years to come.