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| March, 11 2020 | for Frederic S. Becker, MD

The other day I read a book review, and it was said of the main character that : "He is a decent man who achieves a quiet heroism". The same can be said of Dr. Frederic Becker. I don't have any extreme tales to tell, but i will say that, starting at age 57, I've had some health "issues" - ruptured cervical disc, macular degeneration, breast CA, Paget's Disease - and each time "Rocky" has been there to help me with referrals when needed and to basically hold my hand throughout each process. Just knowing i can count on him to be there - without l-o-n-g wait times to be seen - is a huge gift for my peace of mind. Being a primary care physician, he's "in the trenches" , but always seems to have time for me when i need it.

Like i said: nothing dramatic. Just a man (and his NP "Tina") doing his best, day to day. Pretty impressive.