Dr. Billet may have saved my life!

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| December, 28 2023 | for Steven Billet, MD, FACP

I joined MDVIP around March 2019. I was shocked how much time Dr. Billet spent with me on my first physical and the details associated with the blood work. I had higher than normal blood pressure, was over weight, and still smoked cigarettes. Dr. Billet also discovered I had too much iron in my blood , a condition that if not remedied over time could be severely detrimental to my health, maybe even fatal. Since then, using various methods to improve my health, I have quit smoking, lost 25 pounds, increased my physical activity, reduced my blood pressure and reduced iron in my blood to normal levels. Dr. Billet’s staff is as effective and diligent as he is, Maria, Laura and Diane are wonderful, competent and detailed oriented. I trust them as I trust the Dr. I recently had to go see a Urologist, and discovered the difference between the MDVIP staff and the staff at this Urologist’s office. In short they outsource their customer service to an offshore account. When I called them, they had no familiarity with my records, I had trouble understanding them and they did not follow through, which required two more phone calls to follow up. So, if you have the resources to spend a little more annually on your health, check out MDVIP and if you live in this area specifically Dr. Billet and his team. With the improvements to my health relative to the condition I was in when I first went there, they very well may have saved my life!