Dr. Blackmon's Changed Our Lives!

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Nancy and Bill
| March, 12 2020 | for Donald L. Blackmon, Jr., MD

We have had good doctors in our lives but we started to notice that our access time to doctors had decreased. We had been very disappointed about that situation as both of us have health problems. Dr. Blackmon had been mentioned to us by many of our friends at our life care facility who use his services and were told they were given access and help immediately when they called. My husband and I met with Dr. Blackmon and were instantly impressed by his demeanor and his expertise. We joined immediately and have been greatly rewarded by doing so. He spends time with you when you have an appointment and discusses your health problem in a thorough manner and treats your conditions .He also is valuable in getting you into a good specialist if there is a need. Most of our former doctors would give you 15 minutes if they did see you. We were most often given PA's instead of the doctors which we have found is very common now in the medical field. Dr. Blackmon's visits are usually 45 minutes or longer depending on your need and we come out of these meetings with a good understanding of what is wrong with us and what we can do to get better. When we call Dr. Blackmon we are able to see him the same day . I have called many times with some health questions or advice and been given prompt service over the phone if I was not wanting to come in that day. My husband and I both have deep respect for Dr. Blackmon and feel comforted and safe under his care. We find he is extremely knowledgeable and is up on the current issues that are occurring in the health world. We do want to say that his "bedside manner" is the best we have ever had- he is warm and kind. He has eased the stress we have had in our life and has given us courage to change our bad habits and develop healthy ones. We also are extremely pleased that Dr. Blackmon will come to us if the need arises . You can't find many doctors that will visit the sick so we are truly blest in having Dr. Blackmon in our lives.