Dr. Bonezzi is wonderful and we are staying with her when we move to GA

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| March, 11 2020 | for Dana M. Bonezzi, MD

Jim and I are/were very healthy, in our early 60's, when we began our MDVIP Journey. Dr. Bonezzi was our doctor prior to going MDVIP.When we went to her meeting about the MDVIP concept we were totally onboard. We love her dedication of crossing every t and dotting every i. Our belief is to be proactive with our health. We don't want any surprises later in life of some situation growing in our body that we couldn't tell. With diabetes and maculor eye degeneration, and Parkinson Disease in Jim's family. I have had 3 cases of ALS in my family and dementia. We have much concerns as what could be in our future. We love the aspect that we can talk to Dr. Bonezzi about anything, It is so nice not to have the old way of 10 minute visits which was the before going MDVIP. Since we are healthy we hardly every went to the doctor so now we are being very proactive. We get extensive physicals and our goal is to hit 100 being healthy and alert.