Dr. Braver is Always There for Me

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| March, 18 2020 | for Robin A. Braver, MD

in addition to knowing that my yearly physical is always very thorough and Dr. Braver spends time with me to go over all my test results and answer all my questions, she is also a most kind and caring person. Over the past year and a half I have gone through difficult times and Dr. Braver spent time with me to help me get through my rough patches. This has meant a great deal to me. Her insight and knowledge has been very comforting. Because of some major stress, I was being affected physically. She has been excellent in diagnosing my issues, and has guided me correctly. Whenever I call with concerns and/or questions she gets back to me in a timely fashion and always has very thoughtful and helpful responses. It is so important to have confidence and trust in one’s primary care doctor. Thank goodness I have Dr. Braver.
I trust her judgment and know that she has my best interests at heart.
Thank you, Dr. Braver.