Dr. Cedric T. Barnes - A True Champion

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| January, 20 2024 | for Cedric T. Barnes, DO
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I met Dr. Cedric Barnes over 20 years ago when I relocated and had to choose a new primary care physician. I cannot tell you how fortunate I was in making the choice to join his practice so long ago. Over the years he has been our family physician and has provided care for not only me, but my parents, my son, my granddaughter and thankfully, my husband as well. Transitioning our entire family to his practice is a monumental statement and a testament to our belief, trust, respect, and confidence in him both professionally and personally. It isn’t easy navigating medical complexities and, as the primary caregiver for my family, it is important that I fully understand the issue(s), options, risks, and recovery circumstances to make a decision best suited to their needs and what they want or express a differing point of view. In my experiences with many other medical professionals and far too often this type of exchange is frowned upon, but Dr. Barnes is always willing to provide the time and information necessary to ensure optimal outcomes are achieved.

Initially, I was impressed by his professional, but relaxed disposition and his laugh. Over the years, I’ve come to appreciate those qualities tremendously. The ability to feel at ease and have open, honest communication is so vital, yet hard to establish. When he transitioned to the new practice model, I was not able to transition with him and I was not very happy about it either. After failing miserably in my attempts to find a new physician, I returned to his practice as quickly as possible. I have encountered numerous physicians and specialists over the years and have found a very small, elite group who are the personification of a medical professional. It is not easy to find someone in this field who demonstrates genuine care and concern for their patients, but is without question one of Dr. Barnes’ innate characteristics.

In the last few years our family has been challenged with a significant number of serious, complex medical emergencies and critical events that led to the loss of my mother and my husband within approximately 18 months of each other. Dr. Barnes stood with me every step of the way, day or night, he was always there; to provide answers, help make very difficult decisions logically, or just to provide support when situations were overwhelming at best. I honestly do not know how I would have made it through the most frightening and difficult times in my life without his unwavering support. He effortlessly manages to allow you to be emotional while guiding you through making educated, logical decisions. Since that time he has been influential in getting me to shift my focus from the responsibility of taking care of others to taking care of my health. I am optimistic about my healthcare plan and success in reaching long-term goals.

Over the years, my family and I have developed a multifaceted relationship with Dr. Barnes. He is, first and foremost, our family physician; but he is also a friend, confidant, and for me personally, someone who has provided invaluable support and guidance navigating the journey of loss and grieving.