Dr Chang Saved My Life Many Times

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| May, 1 2022 | for Edward Y. Chang, MD

The 1st time I met Dr Chang he was new in the practice. I was 32 and I had been been a patient with this practice since I was 12 yrs old. My doctor was out that day so they put me in with Dr Chang. I had been experiencing problems for over a month and my doctor had referred me out to a GI doctor who found nothing abnormal so he referred me back to my PCP. Within 10 minutes Dr Chang had figured out what was wrong & I ended up in the hospital with MRSA in my kidneys. When I confronted my regular PCP on the on my DX, his reply was "medicine is an art & not always precise" I switched my PCP to Dr Chang. I'm now 60 yrs old & he's seen me through blood clots in my lungs, another blood clotting that ran up my rt arm to my bracial artery, a brain bleed, kidney disease and a stroke. His bedside manner is awesome and he really does care about his patients. I came to MDVIP because I didn't want to lose him as my PCP. He is an outstanding doctor and person. I will remain in his care till the very end.