Dr. Change listens and then sorts things out for me.

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| March, 15 2018 | for Wesley J. Chang, MD

Dr.Chang has been my doctor for 20 years or so. I have had many medical issues during this period of time. I have the utmost confidence in his ability. He has went above and beyond for me including visiting me in the hospital, taking calls on Super Bowl Sunday and driving several miles alway to handle a prescription issue, writing letters when needed and many other medical issues which required his personal attention. The thing I like the best about him is his willingness to listen to my thoughts concerning my medical situation. I am aware that I as well as many other patients come in with some knowledge about their medical condition via the internet. Dr. Change listens and then sorts things out for me. He does not have a big ego and is not hesitant to say I don't know or will have to think about that and perhaps will do some research, sometimes in front of me while I am still there. He is a great doctor and he and Judy and Kathy make a great team.