Dr choisser saved my life.

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| March, 12 2018 | for William V. Choisser, MD

Dr choisser saved my life. During a routine exam he found a aorta aneurysm approximately 4.5cm. As it turns out aorta aneurysms are common, normally requiring a relatively simple and safe non invasive Stent procedure to remedy. After consultation with several jacksonville surgeons l was told they wouldnt touch me. My aneurysm turned out to be much different. The aneurysm was located in the vicinity of the renal arteries. No. Suitable Commercial device was available and a noninvasive procedure had not been approved by the fda. Only option was to find a Surgeon willing to perform a risky open procedure with a long painful recovery. In researching the situation I found that the University of Florida in gainsville fl was conducting a fda approved clinical trial using a foreign sourced (australia) device. Dr. Choisser and his amazing staff immediately immediately assisted me in being accepted into the trial. A noninvasive procedure was succesfully performed by unf at a time where the aneurysm had increased to a critical point (6cm). Aneurysms of this size are prone to rupture and fatal. Dr choisser has always been committed to providing 1st class care no matter what the issu is. He is in an elite class of doctors who genuinely care about their patients.