Dr. Christine Provided Me Key Dietary Targets to Achieve a Healthy Weight

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| March, 11 2020 | for Christine Blake Smith, DO

During my physical last July, Dr. Christine Blake Smith reviewed with me my body mass numbers and pointed out that I was border line obese. She told me a number of reasons why that was not good for my heath. Honestly, it was no surprise to me that I needed to lose weight. I had been told that before, but what was different this time were the specific targets for reaching a healthy weight that Dr. Christine gave me. Those included the calories per day that I should consume along with the carbohydrate, fat, protein, fiber and sodium intake levels that were healthy for me. At that time I was 204 lbs, which isn't bad for a 6 ft 3" male, but for me it was 20-25 lbs too high. The one specific comment that she made to me was to "eat plenty of salads."

Well I took her advise and starting eating salads at lunch and dinner. I tracked my daily calorie intake, adjusted my diet to increase protein and fiber, decreased fat and carbs and control my sodium intake. The calorie per day target she gave me was at first hard to hit, but in a few weeks I was doing it. I kept at it for 4 months and little by little my weight decreased until I was down 22 lbs. In a follow up with Dr. Christine she retested my body mass numbers and I had lost body fat but no muscle mass. Not only was I happy, she was celebrating.

Thanks, Dr. Christine, for giving me the specific dietary targets I needed to get to a health weight. For me that the key.