Dr. Coan Is One in a Million!!

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| March, 12 2020 | for Mary L. Coan, MD, PhD, AAFP

I have always had health issues but just thought everything was my fault; especially my weight issues. My PCP; ob/gyn, and even an endocrinologist would not listen to me. They seemed to know me better than I knew myself somehow. I called Dr. Coan's office and was told she wasn't accepting new patients. Without realizing it I started crying on the phone and pleading! I was put on hold and said I could see the NP which was fine with me! Long story short, it is now 8 years seeing her and she began treating my children shortly after seeing me since we all have the same issues. She fought for us to get genetic testing done and unfortunately nothing was found. She still believes, as do I, that there is some underlying cause to our ailments. She does what every doctor should do: listen to their patients; ask about health history; do extensive medical testing; keep abreast of new medical discoveries, and mostly include you in your own healthcare decisions. Yes, she is the doctor, but I always feel like we are a team making our decisions about my health TOGETHER!!