Dr. Collin Cullen is an amazing doctor with great patient communication skills

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| February, 15 2024 | for Collin D. Cullen, MD

My husband and I can't give enough praise to Dr. Collin Cullen. My husband has been with Dr. Cullen ever since he joined MDVIP. I was so impressed with Dr. Cullen, that I left my PCP after about 20+ years to join MDVIP BECAUSE I WANTED TO HAVE Dr. Cullen as my personal care provider. He has returned calls to us at all hours, weekend and weekday, even very late at night. Dr. Cullen has a respectful attitude toward patients and is an excellent listener and caregiver. It is easy to get into to see him in his office and we appreciate the in-office lab and his office staff. Our long-distance adult children are so appreciative of the medical care and TLC that he offers us. G-d bless you, Dr. Cullen!