Dr C's a great doctor

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| November, 5 2018 | for Steven H. Chooljian, MD

I started seeing Dr Chooljian when I was 28 years old, I'm now 56. Over 28 years of great service. In fact, five of my family members see Dr C, including my 91 year old mother. Dr C's a great doctor, shows great compassion, listens, caring, knowledgeable & informative. Everything a great doctor should be. Here's what impresses me most. The first time I met Dr C, he did all his regular stuff he does during a physical. Lots of questions, listening to my heart, breathing, poking, tapping. Next he went over all my tests. Explained everything to me. He was very patient while I asked all my questions. Then he said get dressed and he left the room. I figured we were done and I was ready to leave. Go up front to make my next appointment for next year. Nope, he came back in and asked me to come into his office. At first, if you knew me, I was worried something terrible was wrong. I've seen doctors all my life. Not just for physicals. Multiple motorcycle accidents, with multiple broken bones. Fingers almost completely pulled off, you get it. The Doc asked me to come in an sit down. Just when I thought the hammer was going to fall. Dr C looks at me and says, so Craig how are you doing? What's going on in your life? From that moment on we sat and just talked. I had never expected or experienced anything like this from anyone in the medical field. Oh, sure, I've had nice doctors before, but, this was different. Here I sat across from my new doctor having a conversation. The kind of conversation that I'd have with a close friend. We talked for a good 20 to 30 minutes, this was before any VIP program. I remember leaving his office that day just dumbfounded. While I was driving I kept asking myself, what just happened and why? OK, so here's why I'm so impressed with Dr Steven Chooljian. You see, he has done the same thing with me for over 28 years now. I no longer ask what just happened or why. I know why now. I just leave his office with the feeling of gratitude to have him as my doctor and friend.

Thank you, Dr Chooljian for being my doctor.