Dr. Dale Ritzo - Best Internal Medicine physician in San Mateo~~

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| March, 22 2023 | for Dale J. Ritzo, MD

I have been a patient of Dr. Ritzo for almost thirty years! My mother, too, was his patient for about twenty years.
We began our togetherness at the start of his office in San Mateo -- going solo. t's a valuable sign when the nurses who began
with him - still are in attendance -- all of them! That says so much for his personality -- a man who gets along well with his staff!

Dr. Ritzo is very personal, but also formal. He calls all his patients by their surname -- never their given name --it keeps a reign from going overboard of emotions. He is absolutely dedicated! We know he truly will treat us 100% with his skill and knowledge brought from his study of medicine.
I believe in him, I have faith in him, I trust him! Since the Pandemic I have lost faith in Medicine, but not in Dr. Ritzo. I'm hoping he can see me through
until the Angels come for the last visit -- I am 97 years old now. and very lucky to have chosen Dr. Rttzo for my lifetime physician!