Dr. Daniels goes Above what is Expected

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| March, 12 2020 | for Michael Daniels, MD

I had an accident at home with my file draws and cut my little finger on the right hand very deeply. Blood was over the furniture, wall, floor, and me. My husband rushed me to the emergency room, but while I was waiting my doctor, Dr. Michel O. Daniels came out of the emergency room and saw me. After asking what I was doing there, he asked, "Why didn't you come to see me." My husband checked me out of emergency waiting room and drove me to Dr. Daniel's office where he was ready and waiting for me along with his nurse. After 25 stitches (on a little finger) I was ready to go home. The follow up with Dr. Daniels was made at my convenience and today my finger is still attached to my left hand.
Dr. Daniels is outstanding as far as my husband and I are concerned. My husband feels so confident with his cardiologists as they both know Dr. Daniels keeps up on his medication and treatment each visit he has with them.
We would say that Dr. Daniels is over and above what is given by a GP today and we love him. We were some of his first patients when he started his practice in Mt. Holly Springs.