Dr. Daniels at Three Springs Family Practice in Mt. Holly Pa.

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| February, 29 2020 | for Michael Daniels, MD

Dr. Daniels has been my personal physician for quite a few years now.I always look forward to going in for my annual check up because its like going to visit a friend.He and his assistant Carol are always positive and fun to be around.I especially appreciate how he never rushes when I am in his office.He makes me feel like I am his only patient for that day (while I know that he has many more patients to see).That's what I like about MDVIP.You feel like you are not just a number but that you are a VIP.The doctor and I always share a few funny stories or talk about where we have been traveling to or just whats been going on in our little corner of the world.One thing that I would like to tell him is that I will treat him to a big old juicy steak at the restaurant of his choice anytime he wants!Oops,thats right,he is a vegetarian.Haha. I had to kid him about that because he always kids me about not getting my flu shot even though he recomends it.I always tell that MAYBE I will get one next year.