Dr. DeAtkine is the quintessential doctor.

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| December, 26 2018 | for David DeAtkine Jr, MD, FACE

Dr. DeAtkine became my mother's doctor when he arrived in Birmingham. At that time I did not fit the criteria for his practice. As a matter of fact, MDVIP made it possible for me to join Dr. DeAtkine's practice. What a lucky day that was for sure.
I signed up the first day possible and have been his patient ever since.

Dr. DeAtkine is the quintessential doctor. I am SO fortunate to call him my doctor. During the last three years I have experienced several serious health issues. Dr. DeAtkine has been on top of them all and coordinated everything from chemotherapy for breast cancer, unknown spots in my lungs, a GI bleed, and the seasonal infections. He made sure my oncologist was outstanding. He sent me
to the Jewish Health Center in Denver to have my lungs explored. He asked a local GI doctor to assist with my GI bleed. All is well or in the process or becoming that way.

Dr. DeAtkine ensures his hand is on everything. He copiously coordinates with the specialists. I can truthfully say that while the specialists are outstanding, speaking with any one of them on the phone is impossible.....and seeing one of them within twenty-four hours is a joke. Thank goodness for Dr. DeAtkine's king interference on my behalf.

Dr. DeAtkine has chosen a wonderful staff. They are professional, patient, knowledgeable, very helpful, and truly caring employees. I treasure them.

Be sure that MDVIP is fortunate to call Dr. DeAtkine one of their members. Birmingham and St. Vincent's Hospital is a better city because of him. I am a better person because Dr. DeAtkine continuously care for any whole person.