Dr. Debra Fast, Happy Doctor's Appreciation Day!

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| March, 13 2020 | for Debra A. Fast, DO

As part of my MDVIP Wellness Summary on Dec. 31, 2018, Dr. Fast asked me to consider having a cardiac calcium scoring test. I did this test on May 2, 2019. Dr. Fast met with me on May 7th to go over the results of the test. My score was over 400. She referred me to Dr. Daniel Newton-Interventional-Cardiologist in the Wooster Heart Group. After several more tests, a stent was put in on June 21st. It was Dr. Fast who recommended me having this cardiac calcium test. I had no symptoms that there was a heart problem. I completed the three month cardiac rehab treatment plan. I feel great now!
Dr. Fast continues to encourage me to have the best possible healthy life . I even received a note and a coaster saying "I am a Health Champion Patient." That made me feel special. I want to thank Dr. Fast for always taking the time to study my lab results then, helps me make up an awesome plan to improve my health. I appreciate the time she spends with me because she is a MDVIP Doctor.
God Bless You, Dr. Fast. as you keep strong and continue to care for all your patients.