Dr. Dunlap and our relationship

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| March, 12 2020 | for Merritt W. Dunlap, MD
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I have known Dr. Dunlap for about 25 years now. His office and my husband's office at the medical clinic in Fallon NAS were close to each other. Because my husband was retired military, for a while we could have medical appts there. Eventually, we had to go civilian. The doctors I was seeing in Reno left the area so Ron and I chose to go to Dr. Dunlap when he was a part of a facility in Carson City. A busy place where I go to see the Doctor for maybe 5 minutes or so. When he told me about his new MD-VIP practice, I jumped at the chance and I have never been happier. In December of last year, I woke up one day with my entire abdomen on fire. I was in bed almost the entire day. The next morning I called the office and immediately had an appointment for early afternoon. After speaking with Dr. Dunlap, he scheduled me for a cat scan that very day at the hospital and called me with the results as soon as he could obtain them. We then spoke of a follow-up plan to contact an urologist as the only thing that showed was a kidney stone. His actions and concerns were quick and decisive, I was once again impressed with him. I tell my friends all about him and the MD-VIP experience and recommend them to look into it. When I have my wellness check each year, he explains everything fully and answers all my questions and encourages me in getting control of my health and weight. Our goal is to get me off medications. I enjoy the monthly newsletter and the information and facts that it presents as well as special bulletins oncurrent health issues. Forget 5 stars, this man and his staff should have 10 stars.