Dr. Dunlevie has saved my life numerous times

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| March, 12 2020 | for Shep Dunlevie, MD

In 2005 I started seeing Dr Dunlevie for routine medical care. Shortly after I was diagnosed for the second time with Ovarian cancer. Along with my Oncologist, Dr Dunlevie provided constant care and attention I needed to navigate a tough time. Then in 2006 I contracted c-dificil. Hospitalized with a severe case that landed me in cardiac care for a week - c-dif almost finished what the cancer could not. Dr Dunlevie made certain that I had every specialist and every bit of care needed to survive the ordeal. Which included dealing with a severe sinus infection which triggered the whole mess. My family and I will always be great full for his vigilance and his incredible reassurance throughout. We joke now that I was so close to death by fishers, but at that time it was anything but funny. Dr D I have followed you to MDVIP because I can’t imagine not having you as my quarterback should I ever need help in a medical emergency. You keep me healthy and laughing.