Dr Dupuis has truly been a blessing for me.

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| March, 20 2018 | for Denis P. Dupuis, MD

Dr Dupuis has truly been a blessing for me. I joined his practice shortly after he became affiliated with MDVIP.
I have had several health issues since becoming his patient. Just knowing I could pick up the phone and call with a question any time gave me incredible peace of mind.
Dr Dupuis really takes time, he is compassionate, and he is a great listener. I feel comfortable discussing any issue with him.
It does not end there, his wife, Kathy, is nurse, office manager and shoulder to lean on. Staff, Shelly and Debbie, are also great. Always upbeat and smiling. Not to forget Dino, in case you could use a dog fix.
I have nothing but good things to say about Dr D. and the experience of MDVIP. I could never go back to a regular doctor again!
Thank you Dr Dupuis.

Suki M.