Dr. Dylla has been my internist for almost 10 years.

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| February, 7 2014 | for Mary Jane Dylla, MD

Dr. Dylla has been my internist for almost 10 years. She has always provided me with attentive and astute care. One day I received the notice that Dr. Dylla would be evolving her practice to become a MDVIP member physician. At first thought my heart sank a little because I did not know anything about it, but thought it was going to cause me to incur added expenses to see my doctor on top of my annual health insurance costs.
At the same time, I realized the number of patients Dr. Dylla would have in her practice was going to be limited and the thought of me not being one of her patients put me into a panic! I diligently went to the MDVIP website and scoured its entire contents. The program and its philosophy and offerings sounded phenomenal to me. I knew then that I needed to stay with my doctor who I felt so comfortable with, who was always there for me, who pinned even the most elusive health situations, who always listened and considered my observations as a patient and who always saw me to the other side of any health obstacle. I now had the task of sharing my need to join the MDVIP program with my husband! I had to convince him it would be worth the added expense.
All said and done we decided to go for it, knowing that I could join and if the program did not fulfill my needs or validate the extra expense over time, then I could always drop the program.
I now have to say that I would never dream of leaving Dr. Dylla and the MDVIP program! Her connection with me as a patient has continued to be more than optimal. Her kind and attentive care is stronger than ever, there is never any rush in the office, I am always seen in a timely fashion and she always takes the time it takes during my appointment. She is completely thorough. One time I had to go into the ER and she called ahead telling them I was on my way. When I arrived they took me right in. It was incredible, no waiting. I have her cell phone number, I can call her anytime (and I know she means it), I can arrange an appointment with her even same day and even immediately if necessary.
The annual well care physicals and health checks are so thorough, covering more than I would have expected by far. The patient specific details of some evaluations and procedures make me feel like a real personnot just another patient in an office getting a routine checkup. The wellness plans for each year are so helpful for staying in a fit for life mindset. I feel empowered to take care of my health more than ever, which in turn enables me to be here on this earth as long as I can and as healthy as I can with my wonderful family and friends.
I am so incredibly grateful to have Dr. Dylla and the MDVIP program in my life! She has made a lifetime difference in my life and I could not ask for more. She is one of those one in a million finds!