Dr E J Daros the ultimate peoples doctor who cares.

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| March, 12 2024 | for Evtishios J. Daros, DO

Dr EJ Daros has been my doctor for over 46 years. I do not have just one story to share as I have always felt as though I had his utmost attention and expertise every time I saw him and needed him. I always left knowing I got the best advice and care. My husband, sister, five of my work friends all came to have him as their doctor when I told them of his personality and care. They thought of him just as I did. At the hospital, staff always spoke highly of him also when I would mention his name. He is the best doctor and I feel blessed to have had him to take care of my medical issues all of these years. And another note, his son is just as highly respected with everyone I know. Also I have to say his wife and everyone in his office, All amazing.