Dr. Elliott is a Keeper!

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| March, 10 2020 | for David L. Elliott, MD
Image provided by: Deb

Two days in a row to celebrate the best doc ever ... yesterday his birthday; today, National Doctor's Day. Like another patient reported, I, selfishly, hope Dr. Elliott never retires; but what I wish for him is continued good health and whatever makes him happy.

Dr. Elliott has changed my life profoundly. He taught me how to manage my husband's complicated & serious health issues without ER visits for every crisis. I know how to assess his situation to determine if we are dealing with a stroke, MS attack, etc. I no longer fear inevitable medical situations because of what I've learned from Dr. Elliott and, even more, because if I need to call for help, he is always available to advise me. That, in our situation, is priceless.

Dr. Elliott is a calming force in every situation. I appreciate his straightforward assessment and know whether the news is positive or negative, he will fully apprise us, recommend actions to be taken, and refer as needed.
I trust Dr. Elliott completely with oversight of our healthcare.

I could write a book of praise and thankfulness for Dr. Elliott, but suffice it to say, as long as he is practicing medicine, I very much want him to continue to be our primary care physician ... he is a keeper!