Dr Estock and MDVIP Keep Me Healthy And Strong

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| March, 11 2020 | for David S. Estock, MD

I was a patient of Dr. Estock' before he joined the MDVIP ranks. His care before MDVIP was exceptional as I have had several Medical diagnosis that need constant attention (Gout at the top of the list). I was also severely burned (70%) at age 18, over 40 years ago. And I got myself obesely overweight recovering from the burns and have been through Gastric Bypass surgery (2003). Dr. Estock has balanced my MDVIP Wellness Plan to cover these various overlapping medical conditions. I now have been diagnosed with a Right Bundle Block to my heart. Without Dr. Estock' knowledge of my health history and MDVIP' Wellness Testing and Screening, we may not have diagnosed and corrected the recent RBB diagnosis with a Pacemaker.
Dr. Estock has always been kind, respectful and attentive to my Health and Wellness needs. MDVIP has provided a platform for more screening and my overall health has improved. Even with the difficulties listed above.
Thank You Dr. Estock and MDVIP for helping me extend my life and have more years to spend with my family and friends.