Dr. Fibel - I could not imagine anyone else being my physician!

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| March, 16 2020 | for Debbie Fibel, MD
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Dr. Fibel has been my doctor for many years. I could not imagine anyone else being my doctor. She was my doctor before MDVIP and is the reason I pay the fee I do to keep her. I am now on fixed income and I pray to be able to keep on keeping her. She is very concerned for her patients and she spends time with us and listens to us. I am still blessed to have basically good health yet when I need care, I can call and see her quickly. I can call after hours and she has always been available. I recall once when I had a kidney stone, I called and she immediately sent orders to the hospital for my scan. She has also called and checked on me during a time like that. A couple times through the years when I needed treatment for low iron or low blood, she was right on it sending orders to the hospital to get it cared for. Each year after pre physical and I meet with her for my physical, she clearly explains all the findings, along with any recommendations. Her office staff is very personable and caring for her patients. It’s like a family and as her patient, I could not imagine having another physician.