Dr. Fibel was a perfect fit!

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| March, 7 2018 | for Debbie Fibel, MD

My husband and I have known for years that the healthcare system is broken in this country, but as we had been blessed with a lack of chronic or troublesome health issues, we just put up with the inconvenience, lack of coordination, etc. Then. as we started getting older, we could see that the day would come where 10-minute appointments with a PCP along with a quick referral to a specialist and no comprehensive plan for coordinating care could quickly morph from inconvenient to life-threatening.

We learned of Dr. Fibel from a physical therapist we were seeing; at first the MDVIP fee seemed like a lot of money, especially since, like many retirees, we live on a fixed income. Then a bout of bronchitis landed us in an urgent care clinic in the middle of a weekday afternoon (our PCP was just too busy, her office said, even for a phone call). The urgent care clinic was great at treating the immediate problem, but we realized how vulnerable we could become had the situation been more serious. We decided it was time to give MDVIP a try.

We interviewed two MDVIP docs and liked them both, but Dr. Fibel was a perfect fit! She cares about the things we care about, and she is passionate about her patients, her profession, and the world around her.

We have now spent one year under Dr. Fibel's care and could not be more pleased. For the past several months my husband has been battling an ongoing medical issue, and although we do not yet have an answer as to the cause, we know that Dr. Fibel is with us each step of the way, looking for answers, keeping us informed, and being available when needed to provide up-to-date information as well as support and reassurance.

We are just about to write the check for this year's fees.This time around, instead of an extravagant expenditure, they seem a small price to pay for peace of mind. Our only regret is that the vast majority of Americans do not have access to this level of professional, compassionate care.