Dr. Field is a wonderful doctor and a good friend!

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Mary Ann
| March, 11 2020 | for Laraine T. Field, MD

Although I do not have a dramatic incident, as the story above this, I must say that Dr. Field exemplifies what good medical care is. She listens carefully to what I have to say, watches me as I speak, and seems to 'home in' on what is important. So many doctors today spend their appointment time with the patient just staring at their computer while the patient is speaking! I know Dr. Field stays late in her office every day, and if there is something I need to know, she will call me with the info 'after hours'.
My physical exam is thorough, and she is the only doctor I have ever had who actually explains my 'numbers' from lab results; she tells me what they are, and then she tells me what they actually mean. She never makes me feel rushed, and I know she is always there for me.
I am very thankful to have her in my life, as natural changes occur as one ages, and I feel very secure in the knowledge that she will be there to see me through whatever comes.
She has my complete trust, and is a blessing to me!