Dr. Flavia Golden

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| March, 12 2020 | for Flavia A. Golden, MD

Dear MDVIP: How fortunate was I to be guided to Dr. Flavia Golden IN NEW YORK CITY. After 30 years together my previous MD retired and suggested Dr. Golden. I approached with trepidation as change in medical matters is always disconcerting! Dr. Golden has now been my physician for 4 years. Because of my profession I am often in the four corners of the world or in very rural settings. She is always there on the end of the phone with help when needed. I have called her from a small hospital in Australia and a Chilean slum to find her helpful, informed and willing to get me through some tricky moments. Her demeanor is just what one seeks in terms of a reasonable amount of pushing to be better mixed with an understanding of life and the many things that impact us. I cannot stress how very grateful I am for her and for the MDVIP system.