Dr. Franden is a kind, methodical, knowledgeable

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Dr Douglas
| March, 5 2018 | for Christine E. Franden, MD
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As a Physician Day Tribute to Christine Franden, MD, I will relate a most recent representation of her many incidences of ideal patient care. Just days ago I developed an unusual, symptomatic, and irregular rapid pulse rate. This was associated with a troublesome anxiety-causing response that I attribute to the fast pulse. I am a retired physician with a loving wife and two pets, a great life in my older age, and absolute absence of stress. I called Dr Franden, our MDVIP physician, as this was happening. I was given an immediate appointment (seen within 2 hours, not the traditional 2 weeks or more).

Dr. Franden is a kind, methodical, knowledgeable, and experienced physician. Shortly after my arrival, Wendy, the lead medical assistant, and another staff technician, had my medical history and vital signs. Dr Franden was familiar with me and within minutes realized that the issue was attributed to my failure to take the beta blocker, that she had prescribed for me at my last visit. I couldnt believe how rapidly she had uncovered this potential problem. Well, not to belabor the outcome, I took the medication and within hours, I felt clinically well with normal vitalsanxiety gone. Thank you, Dr Franden and staff.

This is one of many reasons why I rely on and so trust her judgement. She represents the best of both traditional and modern medicine.

Douglas C H., MD
79 years