Dr Frey, I totally appreciate you!

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| March, 11 2020 | for James H. Frey, MD
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I started seeing Dr Frey as my regular physician over 25 years ago when he was treating my mother for her MANY health issues. I found him to be a very thorough physician who was very easy to talk to -- and he listens! My family is the type to have those weird symptoms that don't necessarily point to anything specific. And I'm no different.

With life changes and job changes, I wasn't always able to keep him as my constant physician as he wasn't always in my insurance's network. And I was never satisfied with other doctors. When I moved back to Birmingham and needed to find a PCP, I searched out Dr Frey and found that he was with the MDVip Network. That about broke my heart because I wasn't sure that I could afford the yearly dues. I decided after my initial MDVip visit with him that I would just suck it up and find a way to pay the extra to see him.

I am 56 years old and my very first complete physical was performed by him after I joined MDVip. No other doctor had EVER even performed the tests that this program offers. He explained everything -- my test results, probable causes of any symptoms I may be having, etc. He talks out any issues I may be having. I am so comfortable about going to him with something that other doctors would tell me was all in my head because I know he understands me. (NOTE: That actually happened once. I was experiencing severe pelvic pain when urinating. I was told by my PCP that it was all in my head. I went to Dr Frey (and paid the out-of-network costs) because I knew something was wrong. He diagnosed me with bladder polyps and referred me to a Urologist who examined me and found that my bladder was lined with MANY polyps! I ended up having surgery for something that "was all in my head"!)

I hope he never retires! However, I know that isn't probable. We're about the same age so I hope when he does retire, he will be able to refer me to someone who listens and understands us weirdos. :)