Dr. GIL Goes Above and Beyond Always

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| March, 12 2020 | for Kevin M. Gil, MD, FAAFP

In 2019 my 91 year old mother fell and broke her hip. I had recently lost my father and I was still in extreme mourning. My mother was deteriorating rapidly and I was serving as the mediator among various hospitalists and other physicians who had different recommendations.

Dr. Gil proactively stepped in, analyzed the situation, spoke to the doctors in the hospital and translated it all for me in a way that served my mother and allowed me to make needed plans. Dr. Gil proactively suggested palliative and hospice interventions so my mother could leave the hospital—about which some of our previous physicians had little knowledge.

Dr. Gil helped to save my mother’s life—he especially understood the mental state of my Italian-American mother, and he was not surprised when a year later, at 92, she was barking out orders and was, and still is, very much alive.

Dr. Gil is an exceptional doctor—his understanding of the emotional and psychological needs and fears of his patients is exceptional. I feel profoundly fortunate that my mother and I have him as our primary
doctor. It is very comforting to know he is always in our corner.