Dr Grabenstein has been a lifesaver!

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| April, 14 2020 | for Bill Grabenstein, MD

I was diagnosed with anxiety at 14 years old and ADD at 16 years old. I had a decent doctor that I used with my mom but when I got married, I had to switch. After two nightmare appointments I found another provider I was comfortable with. After two years, she left the office without warning. The Nurse Practitioner they assigned me to was the worst experience I’ve ever had. She told me she would not write my prescriptions that I’ve been on for years without warning because she disagreed with them and proceeded to hand me a print out from WebMD ( I swear it’s true) about the issues they can cause.

A friend of mine told me to set up a consultation with Dr. Grabenstein. I filled out the form online and got a call the same day. They asked if I was available the next day. I went in to his office with my husband because I was terrified of being humiliated or yelled at again but I have never been more relaxed in a doctor’s office! I told him everything that had happened and he wrote the prescription she wouldn’t write that same day because I was already out of it. It was one of the first times I didn’t feel judged by a new doctor. I told him the medications I was on and normally when you mention ADD/ADHD medications, doctors immediately make you feel like a drug addict but he never did. He was so kind and I never felt rushed during the visit so my husband and I signed up that very same day.

I’ve been seeing him almost a year now and I can’t imagine seeing anyone else. My blood pressure was always high at when I went to appointments because I got so nervous. Since I have been at his clinic, my blood pressure has only been “slightly elevated” once, but I was running about 20 minutes late that day. When I called to tell them, they told me it was completely fine and not to worry! Most offices cancel your appointment if you’re late! The receptionists are so lovely and kind, his nurse is one of the kindest human beings I’ve ever met (seriously she deserves an award), and Dr Grabenstein has been the best doctor I could ever imagine. He always asks about my husband by name and remembers what he does for a living. He knows I’m from Louisiana so he’s always made a point of talking to me about football and Cajun food. He seriously feels like a close friend or family member.

I had a pharmacist give me a hard time over filling a prescription one day, and after I spoke to Dr Grabenstein about it, that pharmacist has never given me an issue again. I feel so supported and genuinely cared about at this practice. I hope he never retires because I’m going to be devastated. This has been the best decision for myself and my husband because I no longer feel scared or anxious or nervous about anything involving getting my medications and that used to be a major issue for me. I love everything about Dr Grabenstein and his whole practice and I have recommended him to so many people since I joined his practice. I even keep his cards in my purse for anyone who mentions needing a new doctor. There is absolutely no doctor I’ve ever met that even compares to Dr Grabenstein.