Dr Greg Flippo, the OG

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| March, 13 2020 | for Greg Flippo, MD

I started seeing Dr Flippo about 3 years ago. Without question, he changed my life! After years of going to what I think have been fine Drs, it finally got to the point that we were being herded in and out like cattle. I never had time to talk to my physician, and he never had time to get to know ME. Not on purpose, it’s just the nature of their business model that they have to keep moving.

At any rate, I had been thru and still was in an incredibly long, extremely stressful period of my life. My BP has consistently stayed between 155-175 over 101-110 for over a year. A quick tweak in BP meds never got control of it. And I never had an emergency plan at home if it spiked, which would happen on occasion. In my first meeting with Dr Flippo, he spent over 45 minutes just getting to know ME. My lifestyle, my stresses and issues, my medical history, just everything he could learn. Within 2-3 days after he changed my medicines, my BP was down in normal range. Then he helped me deal with stress both emotionally and physically. He began to try to help advise me on how to handle my knees and foot issues. My feet are better now than they’ve been in 15-20 years! I could go on and on.

The bottom line is, with Dr Flippo and his business model, it allows him to run a stable practice and also give the care that our government claims is the best in the world. The reason we can correctly claim that is only because of the care provided by a Physician like Dr Greg Flippo. Even HE could not make it work in a regular practice that has to see 2500-4500 patients health needs. He has the time with MDVIP, and he doesn’t waste it. I hope other Drs don’t get involved and start trying to see 60-85 patients a day, that is not what MDVIP is about. It is about giving the care that your patients are willing to pay for, not just letting them pay and then treat them like a regular family practice Dr and see them for 3-5 mins and move on. Dr Flippo is the poster child for what MDVIP is all about. Getting VIP treatment.

Obviously you can see that I am a big fan of Dr Flippo. I would say as a long time private business owner myself, that the parent company of MDVIP is not paying close enough attention if they aren’t using Dr Greg Flippo as the face of their company and their advertising. He is what made that business model work.

After 58+ years of a lifetime of injuries and several years of dire stress, I have no qualms in saying that Dr Flippo saved my life with his care, but also maybe even more with his concern. If he doesnt have a practice full of patients respond positively on his behalf, then people just aren’t being very appreciative and smart. Because he deserves every single honor and bit of appreciation we can give from all of us fortunate enough to be a patient in his almost full practice. As my son would say, he is the original OG!!! And the best Dr I could ever hope to have!