Dr. Griffith and Staff - Best Practice in Georgia!

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| March, 28 2020 | for Richard L. Griffith, MD, PhD

My husband and I are fortunate to be members of the MDVIP practice of Dr. Griffith! He and his staff, including Nikole and Sarah, can be described in two words: competent and compassionate. Of course, the physicals we get each year are comprehensive and Dr. Griffith keeps us on schedule for the specialized assessments we need. But it's the care that we get the other 364 days of the year that really makes the difference for us! The ability to call, text, or email the staff and know that we will get whatever support we need is a big reason that we stay with this wonderful practice.

For example, my husband experienced a terrible allergy attack while on a business trip. After a quick text to Nikole, his prescriptions were waiting for him at a pharmacy even though he was 2,000 miles away from home. On a more serious note, six months ago my husband had emergency surgery, a visit to the ICU, and an eleven-day hospital stay. I contacted Dr. Griffith immediately and the support I received as a caregiver from everyone in the practice was amazing. They coached me on what I could do to be an advocate for him, answered all of my questions, and comforted me when my spirits lagged. Since Mark’s discharge, Dr. Griffith has provided excellent long-term follow up.

But the most touching story that I can tell about Dr. Griffith relates not to my husband and me, but to my parents. My father, a long-time patient of Dr. Griffith’s, did not survive an emergency heart surgery. When my mother and I arrived at the funeral home, Dr. Griffith had already been there and left a wonderful hand-written letter that I treasure to this day. He signed it, “Your physician and friend.” Not long after, my mother’s physician stopped practicing. Even though Dr. Griffith’s practice was full, he accepted her because he wanted to care for the woman that my father had loved so much in life.

In summary, Dr. Griffith's practice has been a vital part of our family for many years. He and his staff contribute greatly to our overall health and well being. They treat us like valued family members and partners in our healthcare. I am confident that this is the best practice in Georgia, and I'm glad we call Dr. Griffith our “physician and our friend.”