Dr. Guy is simply the best!

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| November, 1 2023 | for Esther Guy, MD
Image provided by: Gayle

My husband and I have been Dr. Guy's patients since before she became affiliated with MD VIP. She is an excellent physician in general and her affiliation with MD VIP has made an already great experience even better. Making appointments is even easier now that she is associated with MD VIP.

Also, Dr. Guy has kept on top of the conditions we were likely to develop as we aged from our late 40s to our late 60s. She has made us, especially me who suffers from some denial, to be aware that some aspects of your health will naturally deteriorate as you age. She has also emphasized that we can anticipate and lessen the effects of that deterioration by eating well, exercising regularly, and having annual checkups and necessary tests on schedule. In addition, Dr. Guy always asks us about any changes in our older family members' health. Due to having expert knowledge, she knows that we can often avoid developing their problems by changes in our lifestyle and so she recommends certain lifestyle changes.

Dr. Guy has exceptional knowledge of the best specialists for certain conditions that fall outside her speciality. For example, the hand surgeon who repaired my wrist did a brilliant job. I can now use my right hand with no pain.

Her staff is very efficient and pleasant. They are sensitive to a patient's dislike of certain procedures (like taking blood) or receiving shots, and they do their best to minimize one's discomfort.

In summary, I highly and wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Guy.