Dr Hammer is the best primary care Dr. I’ve ever had. I believe he saved my life.

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Benjamin Mark
| February, 16 2024 | for Scott A. Hammer, MD, FAAFP

An early June 2023 I went to Dr. Hammer‘s office along with my brother complaining of how my belly felt and he sent me to Bayhealth to get a CAT scan. The results showed that I had an area of scar tissue which led to a small bowel blockage. The blockage though caused by the scar tissue they were unsure on how it even developed and it ended up causing Pierre appendicitis. I ended up in and out of the hospital three different times before it was figured out though in the end Penn medicine through Dr. William Yi Performed the surgery. Now, though the surgery was successful, my belly ended up herniating, and I need to have the surgery done again to repair the hernia. Dr. Stephen Kovak from Penn medicine is who I have chosen to do this surgery. We are just waiting for the clearance from the vascular surgery department on whether to wait and have my carotic artery cleaned out, or to treat me with medicine and perform the surgery on the hernia.