Dr. Harkins Saves the Day

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P John
| March, 13 2020 | for James P. Harkins, MD
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Dr. Harkins initially noted that my PSA had increased from 2.8 - 3.8. Not particularly high for my age, but rising too fast. (A friend's doctor didn't think a PSA of 11 was a problem and he too had prostate cancer). This led to a fortunate, early prostate cancer diagnosis, after which I chose surgery at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. I mailed, then later faxed in the pre-operative paperwork using the specified address and FAX number. On the Saturday before surgery, the hospital called to inform me that Hopkins still could not locate my pre-op documentation. A cancer diagnosis is not one of life's great pleasures and the added stress of missing paperwork a day before leaving for out-of-town surgery certainly didn't help. But an urgent call to Dr. James Harkins saved the day. He went to his office that Saturday evening, re-copied all the pre-op paperwork and left it in his external courier bin for my pick up on Sunday in time to hand carry it to the hospital Sunday evening. What a relief and much appreciated extra effort!