Dr, Helana Santos-Martin saved my life.

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| February, 11 2024 | for Helena A. Santos-Martins, MD

During my routine yearly physical she noticed that my PSA *Prostrate Specific Antigen" jumped from below 1 to 3,28 since my last
physical. She did a digital exam and noticed some lesions on my prostrate and recommended I check with my uroligist which i did immediately. After a magntic resoncace imaging and a bisosopy I was told I had two lesions each about 2 cm long and that my Gleson number was an 8 indcating an agressive cancer. My uroligist scheduled an appointment with a radiation oncoligist and a medical Dr. specializing in medical treatment of cancers at Dana Fraber Cancer Institue.. Becuse of my age, they ruled out chemotheropy and surgery. Dr. Mark Pomerantz, the radiation oncologist recommended Radiation followed by hormone treatment. I underwent 5 weeks of daily radiation of the postrate followed by Luporn infusion every three months for a year and 9 months and a dialy dose of Bicalutamide. The Lupron prevents my body from producing testostrone which feeds the cancer and the Bicalutamide destroys an remaing testostrone in my body. The last two treatmetns of Lupron showed I was in remisson with nt PSA or testostrone. I have one more infussion after which I stop the Lupron and Bicalutamide and watch the PSA level doesn't go up significanly inthe coming years, If I hadn't had a scheduled physial and a doctor who found a problem and resconed quickly with a suggestion to contact my urlogist as soon as possible, the outcome might have been very different.