Dr. IM: Treat the person not the disease

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| March, 12 2020 | for Marvin Im, DO

For years my wife had been trying to control her thyroid levels. She went to numerous doctors trying to figure it out and all they did was say take more synthetic thyroid pills which made her feel even worse. We heard about Dr. Im thru a mutual friend and made an appointment. He said we need to start treating based on how she feels not the what others think should be done. He switched her to a natural thyroid and within weeks she was feeling better. One night when we were sitting around the dinner table she broke down crying saying she can't believe she suffered for years taking the synthetic medication and no other doctor recommended trying going natural. It has been several years and she now has it under control. Dr. Im changed our lives by treating my wife based on how she feels and not just pushing the same old conventional treatment that was not working. Thanks again Dr Im!!!