Dr. Jackson you are the best

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| March, 1 2018 | for Kirk L. Jackson, MD
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Dr. Jackson
You have always gone over and beyond what the majority of doctors do to treat a patient. You have always had my full trust, (I have issues with trust especially with my health). I appreciate the time and concern you have always given to me as your patient in the past. I have used a lot of doctors in my 60 years and have to give you the number one spot.

In years prior I have enjoyed working with you on my health issues and have only visited with you once since joining the MDVIP group. I was so impressed of the extra time you had to go over my medicines and talk with me about my feelings and how my medicines were performing.

Doctors can no longer treat their patients like they want but are required or should I say dictated to perform less test, blood work, etc. because politics has gotten into the medical field, they look at the dollar amount instead of the care of patients which is what doctors are trained to do, so in so many ways the doctors hands are tied.

I hope that the MDVIP group allows you to have more flexibility with the treatment of your patients. Also allowing you the time to relax, spend time with your family and unwind. A stressed out overworked doctor is not good for the patient nor the doctor.

Dr. Jackson thank you for so many years of wonderful medical care. When I came to you many years ago I was so drained, you told me that you was gonna make me feel better and you did. The doctor I was using at the time had me on some blood pressure medicine that had me in bad shape. I was hearing my heartbeat in my left ear all the time. He had sent me to an ENT, then to Kirkland clinic in Birmingham to a cardiologist for tests on my heart and to another specialist at Kirkland for hearing. Then he finally said that the heartbeat noise I was hearing in my ear was something I was just gonna have to live with. The noise was really driving me crazy, and Dr. Stephen Fletcher did a hearing test to prove that I was really hearing the noise and was not nuts. I made an appointment with you, you looked over my medicines told me you was gonna make me feel better, changed my blood pressure medicine and BINGO after about a month I was like a new person, the noise was gone and I actually had some energy. You gave me back my life. Simply because you were knowledgeable and cared. I am forever grateful because the other Dr. had me almost to the point of believing that I was going a little nuts and only thinking I was hearing the noise.

Dr. Jackson you have brought me through sickness and health, even when you told me that you was my therapist also. I will never be able to let you know how much you are appreciated by me, how thankful I am for having the opportunity to have you a loving, concerned, knowledgeable person as my doctor. Thank you for the time, patience and research you have done through the years to take care of my health.

Dr. Jackson you are the best and I look forward to working with you for many more years so please do not upset us again by talking about closing your practice there are a lot of us who need you and appreciate all you do to help us medically and mentally.