Dr. Jacobs is a model for future doctors!

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| March, 17 2020 | for James W. Jacobs, MD

I was first under Dr. Jacobs' care when he was with another practice many years ago. I was impressed with the breadth and depth of his knowledge in health care matters that were important to me. He took time to listen and explain courses of treatment. He was not in a hurry to move to pharmaceuticals or procedures, preferring lifestyle and behavioral changes instead. He was patient in his coaching, but when lifestyle changes did not yield the full scope of the desired improvement, he took the time to explain the options, impacts and likely outcomes for the course of treatment he recommended. We saw the additional improvement quickly and for the first time in many years my health was improving and I felt like I was receiving excellent care.

Soon after the implementation of the ACA, Dr Jacobs left this practice to move to a place where he could spend more time with fewer patients. It was a costly program; one I could not afford with children in college. I could certainly understand why a doctor such as Dr. Jacobs would be compelled to make such a move, and was grateful for the care I had received in the years I was with him.

Two years ago - after bouncing between two GPs and not seeing the level of care with which I had grown accustomed, I sought out Dr. Jacobs. My kids had graduated, and I felt like it was time to make an investment in my health. I was glad to learn he was still practicing in our community, and disappointed (but not surprised) to learn he had a long waiting list for new patients. I reached out to his office in the hope he might remember me, and find a way to make room for a former patient. I was delighted when he agreed to see me!

In my first physical, he noted a couple of issues and opportunities to improve my care, and we implemented those changes immediately. But he also noticed an emerging issue that merited further testing. After some additional blood work, he diagnosed a condition which if left untreated may have had dire implications. He immediately began educating me, recommended a book to further improve my education and recommended additional lifestyle changes. He felt confident if I pursued the recommended changes with vigor, the underlying condition could be mitigated and resolved. I'm happy to report we have seen that success in the past year!

I still have some work to do, but the crisis has been averted because Dr Jacobs caught something subtle - something other doctors may have missed - and ordered the additional test that was necessary. This level of care seems to have been lost in recent years, but I'm happy to say Dr. Jacobs represents "old school" patient-focused medical care, and all you could hope to find in a primary care doctor.

Thank you, Dr. Jacobs!