Dr Jaime Vasquez, Angel of MERCY

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| January, 19 2024 | for Jaime J. Vasquez, DO
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My journey of chronic pain began almost 10 years ago. Years of stress, plus my career as a DVM had wrecked havoc on my nervous system. Over the years, I had a total of 4 neck surgeries and a back surgery plus pain management, acupuncture, physical therapy, two different electronic stimulators, you name it I tried most everything all the help of Dr. Vasquez who referred me to top specialists for help from the best people in the country Dr. Vasquez always knew what was wrong with me but he didn’t have a name for it and he didn’t know what to do about it but he NEVER gave up and continued to recommend things to help me I’ve since learned that what I had was Centralized sensitization syndrome. I was lucky enough to find the pain rehabilitation program at the Mayo Clinic. Most doctors even pain management specialists dont know what this much less what to do about it and neither do Physical Therapists and other experts in the pain field, In early August 2023, when my pain had progressed to such that I was basically bedridden with no quality of life I was on many drugs, I was in a downward spiral both physically, and mentally Dr. Vasquez never gave up on me, that’s why I call him my angel of mercy. I asked Dr V early in August of this year if he thought I would benefit from going to Mayo Clinic and he said yes let’s go for it Dr. Vasquez began writing letters to apply for me to go there. The first one was to Mayo spine. We were turned down. I have a fusion from C2 to T2 and Mayo experts said your scans show that you are healed so we cannot help you. Dr. V then sent a letter to Mayo Pain Management. I was turned down once again because they said you have adequate pain management in your area. I had discovered the Mayo Clinic Pain rehabilitation program online and asked at that time about that and was given a phone number to call. Once again, Dr. Vasquez wrote a letter to Mayo Clinic this time I was accepted It was my last hope Dr. Vasquez wrote a total of five letters to the Mayo Clinic in my behalf, He wrote these letters the same day I requested them, his staff of MS Bertha and nurse MS Jeanette rushed the letters out to expedite my going there quickly. Dr V NEVER gave up on me even when I had given up on myself. Finally, I was accepted into thr PRC and went there in October 2023 for their three week OP program, the program combines physical therapy, occupational therapy, lectures, group, therapy, and spirituality to name a few. Mayo is the cutting edge. Mayo research shows that after many years of chronic pain, your brain changes growing more pain neurons that eventually override your normal good neurons. This is proven by brain scans that show these pain neurons actually grow larger in their #. After 3 wks, I came home to continue my journey with the help of Dr. Vasquez. Mayo Clinic had even helped get me off of prescription drugs. After being home I continued to taper off my meds and now I only take meds for high BP, high cholesterol and gastric reflux along with my vitamin supplements. Mayo Clinic taught me about eating well which is what Dr. Vasquez always taught. They taught me how to sleep. they gave me the needed tools to heal myself. Dr. Vasquez never gave up on me, because of him today I am pain-free except for some arthritis but I can live with that because after all I have had the worst pain you can only imagine. And that is nothing in comparison. Chronic pain wears many hats The pain rehabilitation program is for people with chronic pain and they define chronic pain as pain longer than six months duration. There were many people like me with centralized sensitization syndrome like me, others with spinal cord disease, Long Covid, Covid vaccine reaction, severe drug reactions and many other things. All of us there were alike in our symptoms but yet, we were all different Yes, I experienced a miracle at the Mayo Clinic. Dr Vasquez is my angel of mercy, he never gave up on me. I don’t know where I would be today without Dr V. I certainly wouldn’t be living life to the fullest and enjoying everything I love, like being a doctor of veterinary medicine, breeding and showing my dogs and doing things with the family I love my husband is 88 years old and also a patient of Dr. Vasquez. My husband took care of me all those years and now he needs a shoulder replacement and I’m able to take care of him. Thanks to Dr. Vasquez and the Mayo Clinic. I’ll never forget what Dr. Vasquez has done for me If there is a doctor of the year award in the VIP, I want to nominate him. They broke the mold when they made Dr. Vasquez I’m sure there are many others like him but he’s my special angel I would also like to thank MD VIP for the great work you were doing by assisting doctors across the country like Dr. Vasquez so they are more able to help more people buy more personalized care.