Dr. James Greene

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| March, 22 2023 | for James W. Greene, MD, FAAFP

My wife and my lives are far more healthy due the assistance of our MDVIP Doctor James Greene. As our primary physician Doctor Greene has taken a wonderful holistic approach to our health. He answers all our questions and concerns; he constantly works to insure our prescriptions are appropriate and concise; and he makes himself available at all times. The outcomes of his efforts are superlative. I, a 78 year old, am very comfortable with my medicinal routine and the results of taking my prescriptive medicines. My wife, 69 years young, suffers little stress knowing that our Doctor is always available to answer questions and prescribe treatments to solve issues before they become real problems. In addition to the above, the Doctors Staff is kind, knowledgeable, and always positively responsive! Thank you MDVIP and Doctor Greene!