Dr. Jeffrey C Schmidlein MD Awesome Doctor and Friend

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| March, 11 2020 | for Jeffrey C. Schmidlein, MD

What is there to say about your family doctor that is giving you personal inspiration and great health care throughout your life. Dr Jeffrey Schmidlein has been our family doctor for well over 20 years. Not only do I consider him one of the finest medical professionals that I know but also a true friend. No matter what he has always been there for our family throughout these many years.

You said you were looking for testimonials of certain facts things that have help you or your loved ones throughout your life with Dr. Schmidlein , there are too many to list. Personally for myself I have been in law-enforcement for 35+ years. During the majority of that time he has been with me and my family through many injuries ,operations , and numerous mental health situations. Dr. Schmidt line has been a voice of reason for us for all these years not only has he given us sound medical advice but first class diagnosis and treatment for what ever we presented to him. I consider Dr. Schmidlein to be one of the finest medical professionals that I know ,but as I’ve said before a great personal friend as well. And if you’re wondering why I haven’t referred him to as Jeffrey or Jeff as I claim he is a great personal friend ,it’s because through his compassion ,service ,and commitment to his profession he has earned his title of Doctor. And it is for that honorable reason and the great respect that I have for him that I will always refer to him as “Doctor Schmidlein”.