Dr. Judy Okimura, the kindest, most thoughtful doctor

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Myron and Beth
| March, 11 2020 | for Judy Okimura, MD, FACP, FAAP

My wife and I have always had wonderful doctors. Unfortunately, the last three closed their practices citing Obamacare and their inability
and unwillingness to change their practices to reduce time spent with patients and the overburdening costs of administration. Three doctors
closed their practices at a time when this country can least afford to lose doctors in their profession.
At sure advancing age, the single most important factor in our health care is access. If, God forbid, we become ill with one thing or another, we
don't want to be told that the doctor will be available next month.
In quiet desperation we reached out to Dr. Judy Okimura, one of the MDVIP doctors in Honolulu. In the years we have been under her care we have
both been overwhelmed by Dr. Okimura's competence, her caring, involvement in all medical aspects of our lives. She speaks in a language we can easily understand and her guidance has clearly put us on the path to improved wellness. Far more important, her presence provides the comfort and confidence that comes with the knowledge that our doctor is available to us on short notice, by email or cell phone in emergency. Dr. Okimura is simply amazing.