Dr, Justin Terry in Henderson is Awesome!

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| February, 12 2024 | for Justin W. Terry, MD

I very much appreciate the great accessibility and personalized care provided by Dr. Terry and his support team! His MDVIP office in Henderson (NV) has provided access whenever needed by me for many, many years. I also feel confident that they will be available when needed be me is the future. Being 80 years old I really do appreciate Dr. Terry's personal care and his, as well as his nurses, many personal health recommendations, as well as their responses to health questions when I call without any appointment. Dr. Terry's very personal medical consultation at least twice a year usually makes me feel that I have taken too much of his valued time. However, I certainly do appreciate his personal health related suggestions and advice. In addition to feeling very lucky to have Dr. Terry as my personal MDVIP physician, I also very much appreciate his office staff, including their Office Manager (Laurie) who has been greeting me for over 20 years. She makes me feel welcome every time I show up, whether with an appointment or just dropping in for medical advice from whoever is available. I would very much miss Dr. Terry and Laurie if they were no longer there to help this old guy feel that I have more good years still ahead. Thank God for such stability in this often-crazy world.