Dr. Kenneth C. Killen

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| February, 27 2023 | for Kenneth C. Killen, MD

Dr. Killen became my doctor in Feb. 1975. I was 32 yrs. young. I became 80 yrs. young yesterday. I believe if you are satisfied with what you have or are receiving, why make changes? Dr. Killen knows his medicine and how to treat you medically. He & his staff are kind, courteous, & respectful. Dr. Killen knows that emotional well being is important too. And sometimes a "Wee" bit of financial help is needed although I am in education. So for 48 years my doctor, who is also my friend along with his staff including his wife have treated the "Whole" me.
I always have access to my doctor. It may be emergency care I need or maybe family member from out-of-town; and sometimes death in the immediate family or life time friends.
Once I could not talk with the doctor I had seen earlier in the day about a prescription problem. I had to get additional info on the medication from Dr. Killen. This was not his job, but I needed help & he helped me. His exam room was cold, he went to another room and got a heater. Sometimes he will answer his phone. I get a birthday card created by him every year. I thank the Lord Jesus Christ for Dr. Kenneth Killen & Staff