Dr. Khulusi is the best doctor on the planet.

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| March, 17 2018 | for Nami Khulusi, MD

Dr. Khulusi is the best doctor on the planet. He is a cross between Marcus Welby and Dr. House (without the smarky attitude) you will ever get. It used to be hard to get into see him, because he was so in demand, but MDVIP has made it easy! In addition to his genius dr. skills, he is a wonderful caring person. This is not easy to find in a doctor. He changed my mothers life by immediately getting her into see he the right surgeons quickly and called me every day when I went through a cancer scare.

This is the best money you will ever spend. If you think it's a lot of money, remember how awful it is to sit in an urgent care when you are really sick and wait for hours just to get an antibiotic. It's one 130 dinner a month. Your health is worth it!